In a Nutshell

Fortify is a Nashville based design  
& fabrication company that runs on
clever people, smart mechanics,
and unconventional ideas.

Our Story

Fortify began in a midwestern garage where the dream was simple - to build a manufacturing operation on the principles of connection, exploring the inherent relationship between design and manufacturing in order to create an environment that would encourage collaboration. 

Nowadays, we weld and wire everything right here in Nashville, and since shifting operations from the industrial edges of Chicago, have become one of the go-to experts in custom, dimensional signage. Listening is what we do best. We're here to pinpoint the things you love, codify your ideas, and construct lasting, physical realizations of your brand.

Fortify is as defined, in pursuit of strength, not only in the objects made, but in relationships built, too - both are meant to stand the test of time. Whether shifting abstract thought to tangible means, engaging designers and builders in partnership, or integrating careful research into hard construction, recognizing how connections shape and influence our practice has allowed us to reinforce the bond between creativity and production.



Let’s start with the integral basics: budget, timeline, and expectations. Whether your needs are strictly fabrication or a full design plan, we're here to help. We're great at, and partial to, working within a budget - it helps us quote and design accordingly. Once we establish the fundamentals, we can move onto what’s important: getting abstract ideas out of your head and onto paper (and into practically any material you can imagine!).


Once we've learned the “why”, we'll focus on the “how” in order to design objects that exist in harmony with your brand. We're here to help your ideas find their most resplendent form, imagining new and different ways to bring your vision to life. If you already have a design you'd like to use, that's fine, too! No matter the needs, we're here to build something with you.


Once designs have been approved, our team will dive into fabrication. Depending on material availability and project size, this timeline can span from days to weeks - all which we'll discuss upfront and continue on with full transparency. We'll keep you informed on progress and timeline as we proceed, from initial specs and sketches to full finished works. During this stage, the amount of involvement and periodic communication is your choice - we'll send updates as much (or as little) as you'd like.


Often considered just a minor detail, installation is realistically our most important step - it takes your designs out of the shop and into your environment! Installation will be discussed at the onset of the project - if this is determined to be within the scope, we will either install the work ourselves, or coordinate with one of our partners to ensure that your project is properly and safely installed.



Envionmental design
Signage & displays
Large format graphics
Lighting design
3D modeling / rendering


Metal fabrication
CNC routing / engraving
Neon & LED signage
Wood / carpentry
Electrical / wiring
Print & vinyl
HVLP painting
Powder coating
Laser Cutting


Vinyl application
Electrical / wiring
Ground / foundation work
Areal equipment work
Service & repairs
Onsite welding

Markets & Clients

Property, Finance, & Commerce

Anchor Investments
The Russell
C.A. Howell & Co.
Pilcher Lofts
Oliver Hospitality
The Fairlane
Sorrell River Ranch
506 Lofts
GIS Benefits
The Legacy Center

Food + Berverage & Retail 

Red Headed Stranger
Weiss Liquors
Cheese Gal
Roze Pony

Sports & Recreation

Chestnut Hill Yoga
Holiday Salon & Bathhouse

Design & Architecture

Powell Architecture
New Hat Design
Sideshow Sign Co.
I Saw the Sign
ID+A Nashville
Made by Mode
Alcott Interiors

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